The Dawnthieves


Hello, and welcome to the Dawnthieves! We are a new canine roleplay site and are open to all levels and styles. Joining is simple, but if you have any questions just go onto the chat and ask.


1 - No using photos that werent made for you such as manips, or photos without permission that require permission.

2 - Be kind to other members of the site and treat each others the way you want to be treated.

3 - Members may not have the same name

4 - Listen to staff. But if someone in staff does something you believe isn't right contact the site owner immediately.

5 - Graphic roleplays are allowed on this site but please put them in the graphic section.

6 - Do not use other people's character templates without their permission.

7 - If you choose to advertise your site here you must advertise this site on yours.

8 - Asking to be part of staff will get you less of a chance to become part of it. The owner will choose who they think is best.

9 - You may not have multiple accounts. If any of the staff finds out (which we most likely will) then your account will be deleted.

Sites You Should Check Out

These are just other roleplay sites that are pretty good and we recommend you join!






The site has been revamped! We're looking for new members and staff positions are open. The site owner will message certain people to see if they're interested.



 MOD - Open

MOD - Mizarue

MOD - Awyr

MOD - Serene

MOD - Open

MOD - Open